Fishing on Kodiak Island is just about as good as fishing gets! Anglers can choose from a menu of fishing experiences. Charter boats, fish camps, float trip guides and outfitters and wilderness lodges can help you create your ideal fishing vacation. Many lakes, streams and rivers on the road system are also easily accessible. The only problem with fishing in Kodiak, it will spoil you for fishing anywhere else.  You will enjoy the lack of crowds, the short ride to salt water fishing grounds and the abundant variety of fish found in Kodiak’s pristine waters.  

Remote Fishing

Float planes, charter boats and ATVs can take you to remote rivers and lakes where you can stay at a lodge, public use cabin, or camp. Backcountry camping is allowed on public lands. Some private lands are also open to camping, but require a recreational camping permit. Guides can take you to productive fishing holes, help you time your trip, and offer expert advice on local fishing conditions. They can also make arrangements for float trips, secure required permits, and handle all camping provisions.

Where can I go for remote fishing?

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More Fishing Info

Sport Fishing Recording (907) 486-5176

Fishing Licenses

You can obtain a license from the Alaska Department of Fish & Game online at Be sure to include a King salmon stamp if you are planning on landing one of these beauties. Locally, their offices are located at 211 Mission Rd., phone (907) 486-1880. Licenses are also available at Big Ray's Sport Shop, 212 Lower Mill Bay Dr., toll free at (877) 916-4276.

Fishing Gear

Many people bring their own gear to Kodiak, but then again, many others wait until they arrive. If you hire a guide, they will provide the gear. If you would like rent or purchase gear, it is available from Big Ray's Sport Shop, 212 Lower Mill Bay Dr.

Caring For Your Catch

Wherever you fish, whatever you catch, you need to know how to handle the fish you keep. How you care for your catch in the field will determine its taste and appearance at mealtime. Seek handling advice from local sport shops.

If you plan on taking fish home with you, it must be properly packaged and marked according to federal law and airline requirements. For the best results, local processors can vacuum pack, freeze and ship your catch to coincide with your return home.

Who Can Process, Freeze, and Ship my Fish?

Island Seafoods

Custom processing and seafood market: king crab, smoked salmon, prawns, halibut. Fish boxes and FedEx shipping to the lower 48.


Catch & Release

While our fishery resources are abundant, we encourage visitors to help conserve and protect them. Catch and release fishing practices are encouraged whenever possible. Catch and release guidelines are available at the Visitor Information Center and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Wasting sport-caught fish is a violation of the State of Alaska’s sport fishing regulations. Report any fishing violations to Fish & Wildlife Protection, (907) 486-4761 or (907) 486-1880.