There's no better way to come to know a place on the planet than to explore it by foot. On Kodiak Island most trails wind through dense forests of Sitka spruce and each bend in the path brings a surprise! Bright wildflowers may greet you around one corner; the next turn will give you spectacular views of the rugged Kodiak coastline.  Birding opportunities abound on all the trails in and around Kodiak, so be sure you take along your bird book and wildflower identification book. (Available at visitor center.)

Hikers will find a network of trails around town and on the Kodiak road system worthy of exploration. Most trails are ranked moderately difficult, but easy, rolling trails are nearby as well. Fort Abercrombie State Historic Park and North End Park on Near Island are favorites for easy walks. The local Audubon Society offers guided hikes most Saturdays from May through October. A schedule of their hikes is available at the Visitor Information Center.

You can really get a good feel for the town by strolling or biking along the paved pathway that follows Rezanof Road. This popular walk about four miles one way is frequented by locals to jog, walk dogs, cycle or simply enjoy the sunshine!

There are many more unimproved, unmaintained trails along the road system that are suitable for hikers of all skill levels. Steep mountain trails with big elevation gains will satisfy the experienced, hardy trekker and easy, short walks along the beach will please the beachcomber. These trails and more are featured in the Kodiak Hiking and Birding Guide, which is available for purchase on line and at the Visitor Information Center in downtown Kodiak.


To check out our interactive hiking map:

Barometer Mountain, 4 mi RT, 2500 ft elevation gain. This very steep trail heads straight up the side of the mountain. It is exposed trail to the top where you will find 360 degree views.


Old Womens Mountain, 3 mi one way, 1400 ft elevation gain. A moderate hike, you’ll find great views of Chiniak Bay, the Coast Guard Base and Kodiak City and its harbor.

Kashevaroff Mountain, 6 mi RT, 2300 ft elevation gain. One of the most beautiful hikes in the area, you’ll find spectacular views and wildflowers galore here. The trail rises through subalpine meadows to alpine tundra.

Pyramid Mountain, 1.6 mi RT, 2400 ft elevation gain

More Hikes

There are many more trails on Kodiak Island and throughout the Kodiak Island Archipelago. The visitor's center offers the Audubon Hiking and Birding Guide for sale, which includes a large, waterproof map and gives a complete description of each trail along with detailed birding opportunities. To order by phone call (907) 486-4782or 800-789-4782or visit our online store.  If you are staying at a wilderness lodge, ask your host about nearby hiking trails.

Bears on Hiking Trails

Serious bear encounters are rare and bears are seldom seen within the city limits. Remaining alert and making noise while you are hiking is standard procedure in these parts. If you do encounter a bear, never run or approach it. Talk to it; identify yourself as human.  Stand together with your companions. Move away slowly. Some folks carry pepper spray on extended hikes outside town. For complete information on bear safety, visit the Kodiak Island Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center or the Visitor Information Center, both in downtown Kodiak.