Larsen Bay (Population: 89)

Situated in a scenic valley on a narrow fjord 60 miles southwest of the City of Kodiak, Larsen Bay is at the very center of commercial and sport fishing activity on the island’s west side.  Beautiful waterfront lodges lure anglers from around the world for some of the best fishing in the archipelago.  The abundance of wildlife near Larsen bay attracts visitors interested in viewing the Kodiak brown bear, seals, puffins, sea lions, eagles and fox in their natural habitat.  The village has been an Alutiiq village for centuries and drew nationwide attention in 1991 when the Smithsonian Institution returned the remains of 756 Alutiiq people.  Reinterred in a mass grave, the burial marked the largest repatriation of Native remains ever conducted by the Smithsonian.   Larsen Bay can only be accessed by air or water.


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